Year 5 and Year 6

Mr Neil Jackson is Head of Years 5 and 6 he, along with his team of Form Teachers, takes great care to provide opportunities for the children to flourish in all aspects of their school lives.  As the children reach this important stage in their schooling, they are encouraged to work hard and achieve their goals, as well as to retain a broad variety of interests and extra-curricular activities, to respect others and to challenge themselves. Each and every child is cherished; their pastoral well-being is paramount.

In Years 5 and 6 the children have a Form Teacher whom they see twice a day for registration and for some all-important Form Time at the beginning and end of the day.  These sessions are designed for the children to share daily experiences and receive reminders and support throughout the day. In addition Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education lessons are taught by the children’s Form Teacher which facilitates a close bond and greater understanding of each child’s personality.

At The Manor we use the National Curriculum as a guide, taking the very best parts of it and adding our own sections to provide a broad and challenging curriculum for our children. As part of this, we prepare the Year 6 children thoroughly for their senior school exams which take place in the Autumn and Spring terms of their final year. 

Residential trips, sporting opportunities, exploration of the Arts and a host of clubs contribute to each child’s resilience and personal development allowing them to leave The Manor well-equipped for the exciting challenges ahead of them.

Year 5 Osmington Bay Trip - May 2019
Year 6 Trip to France - June 2019