Science is a core subject within the curriculum and is taught throughout the school, harnessing the children’s own natural interest in the world about them.

It is introduced formally in the Pre-Prep Department as part of the Creative Curriculum. A “hands on” approach is encouraged and during this time the pupils are given the opportunity to observe, explore and ask questions.  Emphasis is also put on the communication of their ideas and findings.

Science is given additional curriculum time and specialist teaching as the pupils move up the school.  At this level the pupils are encouraged to make links between ideas and explain results using simple models and theories.   The emphasis is very much upon scientific enquiry, outdoor exploration, classification and individual and collaborative projects.

The pupils thrive on the practical approach and become adept at planning and carrying out their own investigations. The large, spacious and well-equipped science laboratory gives the children the opportunity to complete a wide range of investigations providing a stimulating learning environment.

Forensics Day - February 2019
Explorer Dome - February 2019
Abingdon School Science Workshop - February 2019