At The Manor we promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for Mathematics. Through inspirational teaching using an array of games, practical activities and interactive resources, children develop skills that enable them to calculate, reason and solve problems. Pupils are taught to understand and appreciate relationships and pattern in both number and space, and to relate Mathematics to their everyday lives. They are encouraged to investigate questions, make Mathematical decisions and give explanations of how they reached their solutions.

Interactive whiteboards provide an engaging teaching tool in The Manor Mathematics lessons. Computer software is carefully selected to facilitate the teaching and learning of new concepts and web based activities and games reinforce and challenge the children’s understanding.  At times, pupils are given opportunities for independent research and to present their findings to their peers.

By creating a nurturing and enriching Mathematical environment that provides appropriate support and challenge, we aim for every child to develop a long-term understanding of Mathematical concepts and methods.

Maths Morning - February 2019