Geography is a lively and colourful subject taught throughout the school. A broad range of topics are covered from Abingdon to St Lucia, rivers to world environments. We aim to encourage a curiosity and fascination about the world by providing practical and relevant activities which develop skills and understanding. Field work is a key part of our Geography teaching and children undertake field trips both at home and abroad.  In the teaching of Geography we foster a cross curricular approach forging links with Science, ICT, History,  Art, Design Technology and Music.



History is a very successful and popular department which actively engages the students. They are encouraged to discuss their personal experience and family history, with many bringing in objects from home to present such as a ‘Wartime Farm’ DVD or medals awarded to family members during WWII.

Each year group attends workshops or goes on trips to enhance their learning experience; these include Greek, Roman and Viking days as well as trips to Stratford and the battlefields in Normandy. We encourage a lively, questioning approach which has been enhanced in recent years by interactive Whiteboard presentations and active research on suitable websites.


Religious Education – RE

At The Manor we believe that Religious Education is an important part of every child’s development.  We give children the opportunity to learn about and develop a understanding of the Christian faith as well as gaining a secure understanding of the world’s other major religions.

Learning about religion includes enquiry into, and investigation of, the nature of religion. It focuses on beliefs, teachings and sources, practices and ways of life and forms of expression.

Learning from religion is concerned with developing pupils’ reflection on, and response to, their own experiences and learning about religion.

RE lessons are taught in mixed ability classes and we aim to facilitate learning in a fun and engaging way, making lessons relevant to contemporary issues of the day.

Religious Education