French and Latin


French is introduced in Nursery and Reception, together with other languages, and forms part of their module ‘Understanding of the world’. The children become used to the idea of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual world through the use of songs, movement, finger rhymes and craft activities.

In Years 1 and 2, French is taught for a thirty-five minute lesson each week with the aim to develop an ear for the language. The children begin to understand and reproduce vocabulary and expressions in an authentic accent in the process of having fun.

In Years 3 to 6, with two thirty-five minute lessons each week, the children learn to read and write in French, as well as continuing to expand their oral skills. Whilst maintaining the fun of the subject, they begin to establish a soundly structured framework of elementary grammar and practise transferable language learning skills. They are taught with a variety of audio-visual methods using songs, games and computer technology, as well as traditional teaching methods.

Outside the classroom, there are special events in each year group to promote enthusiasm for the language as well as intercultural understanding:

  • Year 3 children enjoy a French Breakfast, asking for food and drink in French, dressed up for the occasion. 
  • Year 4 children experience having French Pen Pals for a year and perform in a French Assembly.
  • Year 5 children learn some poems in French to focus on their accent and intonation.
  • Year 6 children spend 5 days in Normandy, absorbing the cultural differences and practising their spoken French.


This course offered in Year 6 provides a lively introduction to the Latin languageLatin and the culture of Roman Britain. The textbook, ‘Minimus: Starting out in Latin’, is used to teach th e foundations of this language through comic strips, stories and myths. In add ition to this, lessons are taught through games, drama and the use of the interactive whiteboard.

Please follow this link to the Minimus website.

Year 6 Trip to France - June 2019
Year 3 French Breakfast - June 2019
French Breakfast