Educational Apps

An increasing number children are being given access to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.  While these can be seen purely as a form of entertainment for children, the ‘apps’ that many of these devices offer can be of enormous benefit to their learning:

  1. Many apps give children feedback and rewards and they progress, therefore encouraging them in the learning.
  2. Apps help prepare children for the future: Technology isn’t going anywhere. When children use age appropriate apps on devices such as the iPad they are learning to use the tools that will become more and more part of daily life in the future.
  3. They can be a good way to track children’s progress. Many apps offer progress reports so that you can actually see how it is helping to improve skills like reading, maths, phonics and more.
  4. They are portable: The classroom can go where you go and there is no heavy book bag to carry.
  5. They are fun! Apps for children are specifically designed to maximise engagement and keep little ones learning without even realising they are.

Apps from the iTunes Store for Years 3-6


  • Mindfulness Daily
  • Colorfy ME - Colouring book for free
  • Mindfulness Classes with Oli Doyle
  • First News Newspaper
  • Eco-Explorer
  • Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults


  • The Human Body by Tinybop
  • NASA App
  • Classify It!
  • Mars Globe
  • Sound Meter - Noise Power Level and Decibel Meter
  • First News Newspaper
  • The Human Body by Tinybop
  • Sound Meter Noise Power Level and Decibel Meter
  • KS2 Junior Science Review by Pembroke Soft Ltd


Learning Support


  • My Times Table
  • Ohno Fractions
  • Pizza Fractions
  • Math Geometry
  • Chicken Coop Estimation Game – Fractions


  • abc Pocketphonics (particularly good as it uses a UK voiceover)
  • Spelling Magic 1
  • Little Speller


Please click on the links below to find a variety of educational apps which reinforce your child’s learning and development from the Early Years and Foundation Stage up to the end of Key Stage 2: 

Apps 4 Primary Schools

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