Computing and Information Technology

Computing is taught as a practical subject in which pupils learn about computers and how computer systems work.  A great emphasis is placed on programming and computer science, although other IT skills such as word processing and internet research are also covered, both in the dedicated weekly Computing lessons and through cross-curricular teaching in other subjects.

The Manor is well resourced for Information Technology. We have a large suite comprising 20 desktop computers and two further computer suites. In addition to this we have laptop trolleys (each containing 20 laptops) in several areas of the school. We also have a number of ipads which can be used with whole classes in order to enhance pupils’ learning. Due the speed at which advances in technology are being made we are continuously evaluating the resources available to our pupils in order to ensure they have access to the most current equipment and software wherever possible.

Touch typing skills are regarded highly at The Manor; each term pupils in Years 3-6 take part in a ‘Touch-Typing Challenge’, and there is also a ‘Touch Typing Club’ on offer to pupils in Years 3 to 6.

A strong emphasis is placed on ‘e-safety’, and this is reinforced through visits from ‘Childnet International’ representatives, who conduct workshops in order to educate and advise our pupils and their parents. Both the Childnet International and CEOP websites offer comprehensive advice on internet safety for parents and carers. The links to these are as follows: 

Safer Internet Day 2017 Poster Competition Winners!

Year 1
Posters by Cecily W, Charlie H, Eleanor B, Olivia W
Year 2
Posters by Alice P, Florence S, Georgia A, Jasmine H
Year 3
Posters by Cecily L, Domino B, Sara S, Scarlett M
Year 4
Posters by Hattie D, Juliet B, Saffy B, Zoé H
Year 5
Posters by Emily P, Katie W, Olivia Q, Poppy I
Year 6
Posters by Charlotte A, India Y, Martha C, Niamh W